Laying the bricks of history

ArtsWestchester wants to remind everyone that its exhibit “Brick by Brick: The Erie Canal and the Building Boom” is up through Jan. 19.

“The humble brick has been the driving force behind the building boom that flourished in the 19thCentury from the Erie Canal to New York City,” Janet T. Langsam, CEO of ArtsWestchester, said in a statement. “While the state’s brick industry faded after World War II, its presence is ubiquitous in our towns and cities, in sidewalks, buildings, homes of all sizes, public works and factories. Our exhibition celebrates the brick industry’s rich history while giving it new life in contemporary art forms.” 

Artworks range from large-scale contemplative human heads constructed from brick to commissioned photographs of remnants of the industry to paintings and glass sculptures that interpret brick’s aesthetic qualities.

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