Lighting the way

WAG spent a lovely afternoon with Sarah Mass David, her sister, Lily Mass, and their mother, Arlene Mass, earlier this year.

The occasion was the interview and photos for our June story on the family-run House of 29 Lifestyle Boutique by Sarah in Chappaqua.

We’ve just heard from Sarah about an addition to the lineup at the sophisticated destination for fashionable things.

As she told us in a recent email, “The perfume inside your home will be the last decorative touch, the symbol of refinement and a certain art of living.”

And House of 29 is now carrying Baobab Collection Candles, a Belgian brand inspired by the baobab tree in Africa and destined to bring a world of scent into your home.

The candles are poured by hand into vases created by craftsmen, each which then becomes a work of art once the candle is finished.

The scent options are many; the gift-giving possibilities plenty, so stop by and check out this latest addition to House of 29.

For more, visit House of 29, at 39 S. Greeley Ave. in Chappaqua, or on social media @houseof29.

– Mary Shustack

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