Long, lush lashes

Eyelash extensions are still trending, and here at WAG we love the look of long, curled eyelashes to help open up the eyes and perk up the face. With all of the mascara tubes we go through, we like the idea of forgetting mascara all together and breezing through our morning routines.

Extensions have a reputation for being damaging, however, and despite many salons that claim their technicians use only the safest of tools, we’re still a bit paranoid of losing our lashes’ natural length. So, when Hairgenics sent us the Lavish Lash serum, we were excited to give it a try.

Lash serums are paralleling extensions in popularity recently for the many women who want longer eyelashes without going in for extensions. From the privacy of our own home, we can apply the serum to the lash line and let the potion do its work while we sleep.

While it takes a few weeks to see results, we have a good feeling about this stuff. It doesn’t burn even the most sensitive of eyes, and based off of the thousands of five-star reviews left on the brand’s site and on Amazon, we’re looking forward to seeing thicker, longer lashes in just a matter of time.

For more, visit myhairgenics.com.

— Meghan McSharry

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