Look before you book

(Editor’s note:  We’re gearing up for our June travel issue, and what better way to anticipate it than with an item by stylish WAG Wanderer Jeremy Wayne, a freelancer who’s joined our staff. Here’s his first WAG Weekly offering. We think you’ll agree it’s a pip.):

Based in Port Chester, B2 Travel Group is a boutique, multilevel travel organization headed by genial Rye Brook resident Ron Neuman. The company offers leisure and corporate travel services, taking small groups of discerning vacationers, incentive groups and conference attendees on tailor-made trips to a host of exciting countries including Morocco, Egypt, Israel, Jordan, Tanzania, Botswana, South Africa, Peru, Argentina and Iceland. Itineraries are bespoke, the details worked out in meticulous planning sessions on the phone with clients before a flight is booked or a dime is spent.

The business has grown organically over 20 years. “We work on referrals; the business grows by word of mouth; and our clients tell us where they want to go next. That’s how we decide on new destinations,” says Neuman, explaining B2’s eclectic portfolio. No matter whether you’re traveling on a tight budget or planning a no-expense spared, five-star splurge – with the very best people on the ground in each region, hands-on, hardworking guides and a bursting Rolodex of local contacts – traveling with B2 is an altogether superior experience.

“Our customers leave home happy (that all arrangements have been made), but they come home even happier,” Neuman says with a smile.

For more, visit www.B2travelgroup.com.

– Jeremy Wayne

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