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Local artist brightens First Bank of Greenwich in Cos Cob

When the going gets tough, the tough get to painting. Marla Beth Enowitz has turned her passion for painting into a business (and a way to help de-stress people – including herself) during Covid-19). 

Her new installation is at the First Bank of Greenwich’s Cos Cob main branch.

“Especially in these times, I want to give my audience a reason to smile,” Enowitz says of her abstract work. “We are inundated with politics, negativity and divisive topics. I want my ‘happy art’ to bring people together and I want it to include all people – the young and the old and the lefts and the rights. I want to remind people that things can be simple and pure again. We all had an innocence that sometimes feels lost, but if we had a reminder of a time that was happy and fun, something tangible to hang on a wall, well, I would like to contribute that to the world right now.”

Look for more of Enowitz’s work at the J House Spa in Greenwich.

– edited by Georgette Gouveia

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