Making charitable lemonade out of lemons

On Saturday, June 9th, a number of Scarsdale kids, teens and families will take a stand against poverty – a lemonade stand.

The residents will be setting up Robin Hood “Lemonaid” stands around Scarsdale to raise funds to support Robin Hood, New York’s largest poverty-fighting organization. All proceeds will fund food pantries, soup kitchens and other emergency food providers throughout the five boroughs.

Robin Hood Lemonaid-Scarsdale is part of a regional effort started more than 10 years ago for which some of the tristate’s youngest poverty fighters have raised more than $1 million and provided more than 800,000 meals to New Yorkers in need. 

Among the participants is the family of Mark Bezos, the philanthropist and volunteer firefighter featured in WAG’s December 2016 issue. After a day of selling glasses of lemonade to their friends and neighbors, all participants will be invited to a community barbecue to celebrate their efforts and count the money they raised to fight poverty.  

Founded 30 years ago, Robin Hood is one of the nation’s largest anti-poverty organizations, supporting more than 200 community partners that provide education, food, shelter, health care, job training, legal support and other services for people in poverty in the Big Apple.

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– Georgette Gouveia

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