More signs of the times

To highlight the diversity of the Village of Ardsley, the Ardsley Multicultural Diversity and Inclusion Committee (AMDIC) recently produced a new lawn sign, created by Pakistani- and British-educated textile artist Sania Samad, an Ardsley resident. Her concept began with the committee requesting village participants to submit color circles representing their ethnic and cultural backgrounds. Samad then took a cross representation of the submitted circles and created a “harmonious design representing the whole Ardsley community.” She adds:  “We all join to form a united village….each of us may be very different but is an essential part of the whole.”

 Mo Hadi, also an Ardsley resident, created the theme line: “We are a community of open hearts and open minds. Welcome.”

 Samad says her work explores ideas of “history making, memories, culture, immigration, loss and hope, traditional craft making and communities.” Moving to the United States 15 years ago, she exhibits internationally and divides her studio time between New York and Pakistan, where she works with artisans on the relationship between arts and crafts through traditional embroidery processes. She believes that craft-making is “essential for the development of human societies and cultures.”  

To order a lawn sign ($20), e-mail  And for more on the AMDIC and events, visit

– edited by Georgette Gouveia

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