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As Breast Cancer Awareness Month comes to a close, check out these accessories to bring out the “One Tough Bitch” inside all of us.

Shelly Fisher was first diagnosed with breast cancer in 2009. With quiet strength, she fought the life-threatening disease, letting only her closest friends know of her condition through email.

When she was again diagnosed eight years later, she chose to keep it an even more private matter. While processing the diagnosis alone, she had a jeweler make her a necklace with the words “One Tough Bitch” engraved on it. Wearing it backwards so no one could read its inscription, the necklace gave her the strength to power through her struggles.

However, during an interview for a separate project, she finally opened up about the words on her necklace. Shortly after, dozens of friends requested necklaces of their own. These women wanted to find the “One Tough Bitch” inside themselves, too.

The One Tough Bitch brand was born, offering a collection of gifts ideal for the women in our lives who are struggling to find inner strength during trying times. The collection of jewelry and accessories feature the namesake phrase, or the One Tough Bitch triangle, which symbolizes three things – we are impossible to break, just as a triangle’s structure evenly distributes weight; we are all we need, just as a triangle is stable on its own; and, lastly, we can rise above, just like the triangle’s upward facing point. The circle on top of the triangle “symbolizes our head and mind, where our inner power lives. Wear it and know the power of you.”

Not only does the brand offer gifts for women, but it also creates a sisterly bond among other survivors. People may nominate a woman to be named Inspiring Woman of the Week to be celebrated for her strength and courage on the brand’s social media pages.

Almost every one’s life is touched by tragedy and, especially during Breast Cancer Awareness Month, a gift from OTB can be the perfect way to send your loved one a reminder of the strength we have within us.

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