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If you’re a fan of WAG’s May garden issues then you’ll know we’re big fans of Monacelli Press’ garden books.

If you’re a fan of WAG’s May garden issues, then you’ll know we’re big fans of Monacelli Press’ garden books. So we’re keeping an eye peeled for “Sleepy Cat Farm: A Gardener’s Journey” ($50, 192 pages) due out Oct. 19.

The Greenwich estate is the vision of one man, Fred Landman, who acquired the handsome Georgian Revival house and grounds in 1994. Collaborating with Greenwich architect Charles Hilton and celebrated landscape architect Charles J. Stick, and drawing inspiration from travels in Europe and Asia, Landman has created an abundance of garden experiences across the 13 acres of land. Deeply committed to the concept of harmony between house and garden, he has dedicated himself to the landscape to create “a garden of which the house could be proud.” 

Heavily illustrated with lush images by noted landscape photographer Curtice Taylor as well as text by Caroline Seebohm, “Sleepy Cat Farm” opens with a map of the garden that guides readers through all the major sections of the property. Down the hill from the main house is a working organic farm that supplies produce to the community, a project of Landman’s wife, Seen Lippert, a professional chef who worked with Alice Waters in California before moving East. Landman and Lippert are generous in opening the property for charitable events and tours for gardeners and horticultural enthusiasts and ,through Sleepy Cat Farm, they continue their commitment to sharing the beauty that they have created. As Landman says, “One of my greatest joys is when other people come here and get to experience what I experience every day. The most important thing is that they leave happy.” 

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