On the ‘Edges’

As WAG looks to its June print issue, our annual travel-themed edition this year focusing on “Fascinating Journeys,” it seems like perfect timing to take a look at a book released by Thames & Hudson just a few weeks ago.

“Harry Geuyaert: Edges” (144 pages, $65) is a celebration of the Belgian photographer’s work devoted to exploring “the visual power of shorelines and distant horizons.”

Here’s how press materials further describe the book:

“The ‘edges’ that Gruyaert, a preeminent member of the Magnum photo agency, explores in this lush, full-color book are the shorelines where humans meet oceans, seas and rivers.

“From France, Belgium, Ireland and Spain to Morocco, Egypt, the United States and South Korea, Gruyaert has spent more than 40 years photographing the changing colors of beaches, coasts and seashores all over the world. His images take readers to the Dead Sea in Israel, the Niger River in Mali and the Atlantic Ocean off of Ireland, capturing the subtle chromatic vibrations of the meeting of land and water. “These vivid landscapes showcase light, objects, people and situations that weave in turn graceful, whimsical and serene scenes beneath clear, hazy or stormy skies.

“Published in a unique landscape format with the book’s spine at the top of the pages to showcase Gruyaert’s rich photographs and allow the pairing of horizontal images, this beautifully produced photographic manifesto reveals the profoundly poetic character of Gruyaert’s work and the sensual elegance of his compositions.”

“Anyone who has ever savored time along the seashore – or attempted his or her own commemorative photographs of such locales – will no doubt be captivated by Gruyaert’s singular artistry.

For more, visit thamesandhudsonusa.com.

– Mary Shustack

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