One great hotel ambassa-dog

Sir Hyatt is the lovable ambassa-dog at the Hyatt Regency LAX. Courtesy Hyatt Regency.
That’s the Hyatt Regency's Sir Hyatt.

It’s one thing to travel with your pet, but it’s quite another to visit a first-class hotel where a cute little canine awaits you.

That’s what happens at the Hyatt Regency Los Angeles International Airport — or Hyatt Regency LAX for short. As its signature catchphrase tells you, everything about the hotel is Unquestionably unairport. (Hashtag #UnquestionablyUnairport).

Especially Sir Hyatt.

Who’s that, you ask? He’s the darling little dog who calls the hotel his home. Sir Hyatt is never left unattended, is walked several times a day and does his best to make friends with all guests. The best part: Sir Hyatt is a professional therapy dog, just the ticket for many of the folks who fly into this airport hotel. 

“Sir Hyatt helps our guests with separation anxiety,” says Libby Zarrahy, the hotel’s marketing director. The beautiful Border Collie and Terrier mix — with an ever-wagging tail — is about 4 years old and a growing presence on the hotel’s Facebook account, she adds. 

Even better, the furry little Fido is a rescue dog. Zarrahy says that the hotel first came up with the idea of an in-house pooch and then fell in love with acquiring a rescue dog. 

“We couldn’t think of anything better than a dog from a rescue facility,” she adds. “Sir Hyatt fit our profile perfectly, as he is well-tempered, not intimidated by traffic in the lobby, is approachable and is very loving. As anyone would tell you, animals who are rescued know it and give back in terms of their loyalty and love.”

Sir Hyatt definitely does that — and more. He’s a full-time Hyatt Regency hotel employee, with all the benefits, including grooming once a month, vaccinations and his registration as a professional therapy dog. Even more extraordinary, Zarrahy adds: “There are many flight crews who plan their trips to stop in LA just so they can see and visit with Sir Hyatt and have their picture taken with him.”

When is a dog not a dog? When he’s also a ham. On Facebook you can find Sir Hyatt posing for the paparazzi, shopping for Louis Vuitton luggage (the posh pet carrier bag, of course) or calling his agent, showing his hilarious sense of humor as an outstanding ambassa-dog. He’s one in a million and there’s no question that he’s the hotel’s adorable mascot.

Of course, the Hyatt Regency LAX has many other advantages to offer its guests. Newly opened, it shines and sparkles since its top-to-bottom transformation as part of the Hyatt Regency brand in 2017.

For starters, the hotel (which is beloved by pilots and airline crews) is the closest to the airport, which means that your free shuttle from the hotel takes you directly to the terminal, with no other hotel stops.

Another great point? The hotel has superior soundproofing, so that you can actually sleep. “The windows are double-paned and vacuum-sealed, with blackout draperies,” Zarrahy says. “Our guests — and our airline crews — need to sleep uninterrupted.”

Another bonus:  There are no less than eight plug-ins per room. Translation: You and another person traveling with you will have more than enough ports for your iPhones, laptops, iPads and other technical devices. “Our bandwidth is also a great advantage,” Zarrahy says. “We offer three gigabytes of bandwidth, which is the quickest and speediest, so our guests don’t experience any bottlenecks.” Who doesn’t love that?

At the hotel, another great option is the Regency Club, where you’ll find select food presentations all day long, including full gourmet breakfasts, lunch snacks, hors d’oeuvres and desserts at night. Make sure to talk to Cairo Enslinger, the pizzazz-y supervisor of the Regency Club. He’s a delight and will make everything about your stay personalized — and perfect. And when you want a little time with you-know-who, Enslinger will get out the leash — faster than you can say “Woof” — and bring up Sir Hyatt for a face-to-face visit.

After you’ve indulged, just go to the terrific fitness center where a wealth of weights and machines await you. Actually, you just might also find Sir Hyatt up there too, working out. 

“On days when it’s too rainy to walk, we let him use the treadmill,” Zarrahy says with a laugh.

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