Our lips are unsealed

With masks with us for the foreseeable future, one of the things we long for is a return to the full range of facial expressions, not the least of which are our reassuring smiles. For the deaf, this is about more than a friendly greeting. They cannot read lips if they cannot see them.

And those of us who love applying lipstick – which used to be the go-to makeup item in societal crises – well, we’re a bit droopy at the thought of our lacquered pucker trapped behind opaque layers.

Enter brands like Clear Mask which allow the lips and their playful smiles to shine through while still offering the necessary protection.

Cheeky types will also enjoy a range of masks decorated with lipsticked lips, like this one we found on Etsy. It’s polyester, washable, reusable – in short, everything-able.

And your lipstick will never wear out.

Georgette Gouveia

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