Patrizia Luca Milano launches at The Westchester

Siblings Neda, Nika and Nora Hakakian – all age 30 and under – open the newest location of their eclectic women’s clothing and accessories brand.

There was nothing but laughter and friendly conversation at the opening party for Patrizia Luca Milano at The Westchester in White Plains. But when you’re surrounded by marvelous fashion, it’s hard not to revel.

The women’s clothing and accessories brand is the brainchild of three sisters – Neda, Nika and Nora. (It’s owned by their father, Bahram Hakakian – the man behind the Barami brand that first made a splash in the 1980s.) The sisters envisioned a brand that was both affordable and uncompromisingly stylish and could suit any activity, whether work or play, and any woman, from millennials to ladies of a certain vintage.

As is often the case with sisters, the three are best friends whose personalities complement one another, reflecting the eclecticism of the fashions. The trio may own the same blouse or dress, Neda says, but they each wear the piece differently, tailoring it to fit their own personal styles. Referring to themselves as “NH3,” the sisters are the epitome of what their fun brand embraces.

And as for the name, Patrizia Luca Milano, Neda says, “It’s just like Victoria. It’s a secret.”

For the full story on the women behind Patrizia Luca Milano, look for August WAG. For more about the store, visit

– Danielle Renda

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