‘Primary’ care from Valmont

The latest in Valmont’s stable of luxuriously radiant skincare products is the brand’s first microbiome-balancing line designed for any age, gender and skin type.

Perhaps it was that Switzerland was just starting to come out of its coronavirus lockdown. Or the beautiful weather there. But Sophie Guillon, CEO of Valmont, and Faïza Boudhar, her communications manager, were in a most ebullient mood as they introduced Valmont’s new Primary line during dinner time there recently via Zoom, a first for a Valmont launch. Small wonder, then, that they were popping Champagne corks amid the elegant pink and white surroundings of Valmont’s Swiss headquarters after the presentation: The latest in Valmont’s stable of luxuriously radiant skincare products is the brand’s first microbiome-balancing line, designed for any age, gender and skin type, although Guillon said its back-to-basics approach may appeal especially to the younger generation.

Since the microbiome consists of all the organisms that make up an environment — in this case, your skin — Primary is formulated around pre- and probiotics to “balance the skin’s ecosystem.” Its products are naturally preserved, using the Ultra-High Temperature (UHT) sterilization process that the agricultural industry applies to milk.

“In my time, cosmetics was considered as a repair function,” Guillon said, offering special greetings to New York City as it works to rebound from the crisis. “We would use it as a treatment for wrinkles or sagging skin. Today it’s more considered as a companion for your daily routine for the beauty of your skin or your overall look.

“And also in terms of social habits, we have changed. The generations today consider that life is interesting in the way that we have to be balanced — balance inside, balance outside. It’s inner beauty, outer beauty. Instead of really thinking of managing your routine, mastering your beauty in the future, it’s more about the harmony of your life, the yoga of your skin. ”

The five products are designed, she said, as a complement, to the Purity line, which was introduced last year to rebalance the skin after cleansing. The “clean, green” Primary line includes:

Primary Veil — A milky, sweetly fresh-scented prepping mist made with jojoba esters and Swiss spring water that starts your day. Spray some on your hand, Boudhar said, and pat it on your skin. Apply it after Valmont’s Prime Renewing Pack moisture cream. ($118);

Primary Solution — Guillon describes this as a delicate treatment for minor imperfections such as blemishes, acne scars and discoloration, although not for the eye contour area and thus not for dark circles. (For that, see Valmont’s L’Elixir des Glaciers Vos Yeux Eye Cream.) Apply Primary Solution locally and leave it on for four days.  ($190): 

Primary Serum — A repairing serum that countermands the effects of redness, whether it’s due to natural or external factors, soothing and smoothing, Guillon said. ($205):

Primary Cream — A “super comfortable” cream that is designed to alleviate irritation when the skin feels sore, hot or tingly. It’s especially good, Boudhar said, for men after they shave. ($200);

Primary Pomade — This replenishing balm — made with moisturizing passion fruit unsaponifiables, mimosa wax, shea butter, jojoba esters and carrot and evening primrose oil — is, Guillon said, a special product created to provide the most intense nourishment for even the driest skin. That includes English and American skin, which she finds particularly dry, and skin that has been worked on cosmetically. ($275).

Just as important to Guillon is giving back to the community, one of the Valmont Group’s core values. For the launch of Primary, Valmont continues its philanthropic partnership with One Drop Foundation, an international nonprofit dedicated to providing access to safe water around the globe. During August, Valmont will donate $5 to One Drop for every product sold within the Primary collection.

For more, visit lamaisonvalmont.com.

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