‘Primary’ care from Valmont

It was a most ebullient Sophie Guillon, CEO of Valmont, and Faïza Boudhar, her communications manager, who introduced Valmont’s new Primary line from Switzerland at dinner time via Zoom recently. And no wonder they were popping Champagne corks amid elegant pink and white surroundings after the presentation.

The latest in Valmont’s stable of luxuriously radiant skincare products is the brand’s first microbiome-balancing line designed for any age and gender. Since the microbiome consists of all the organisms that make up an environment – in this case, your skin – Primary is formulated around pre- and probiotics to “balance the skin’s ecosystem.” Its products are naturally preserved using the Ultra-High Temperature (UHT) sterilization procedure that the agricultural industry applies to milk.

The five products are:

Primary Veil – a milky prepping mist made with jojoba and Swiss spring water ($118);

Primary Solution – a blemish treatment targeting minor imperfections, making them less visible ($190); 

Primary Serum — a repairing serum that countermands the effects of redness, whether it’s due to natural or external factors ($205).

Primary Cream – a smoothing cream that is designed to alleviate irritation when the skin feels sore, hot or tingly ($200); 

Primary Pomade – a replenishing balm created to provide intense nourishment for even the driest skin ($275). 

Giving back to the community has always been one of the Valmont Group’s core values. For the launch of Primary, Valmont continues its philanthropic partnership with One Drop Foundation, an international nonprofit dedicated to providing access to safe water around the globe. During the first three months of the Primary launch, Valmont will donate $5 to One Drop for every product sold within the Primary collection. 

You’ll be reading more about Primary in WAG’s August issue, our annual exhale. But we wanted to let you know that these products are available beginning in June at lamaisonvalmont.com

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