Getting the packaging and the product just right are things fashion designer Marc Jacobs and Apple’s co-founder Steve Jobs had in common.  Since its inception, the charged, provocative, sometimes surreal and often ironic visual has been important to the ever-expanding Jacobs’ brand (which will include a Sephora color cosmetics collection in the near future). In the meantime, the designer’s latest fragrance offerings make for seriously playful examples.

Jacobs is flaunting a sweet, chic and humorous side in his limited edition Daisy Petite Flowers on the Go! collection, which transforms his fabulous Daisy and Daisy Eau So Fresh scents. The scents are making a splash this season in adorable, rounded glass bubbles framed by retro pink and white daisy petals. Clearly, these fresh, cheerful perfumes are not meant to be stored on a shelf but instead taken out of a sexy handbag at a summer lounge party, encouraging audience reaction – and not just from your fashion friends. You can just hear those oohs, ahs and give-me-somes at l’escale’s stylish outdoor bar in Greenwich now, can’t you?

Plus, the scents, sold together, each offer the wearer such ladylike charm that when an admirer asks, “What perfume are you wearing?,” pulling a surprising faux-flower out of a purse becomes a rather fun and flirty game. What a fantastic conversation piece Jacobs has delivered.

But beyond the bottles, the fragrances are spot-on, too. Choose the one that suits your mood. The classic white-petal Daisy that Jacobs created with the Firmenich fragrance house is feminine, floral and more sunny than serious. Yet for a scent that boasts top notes of wild strawberry, violet leaves and ruby red grapefruit, it is more sophisticated than you can ever imagine. Its mid notes are a luxe mix of gardenia, violet petals and jasmine petals finished with a base of musk, vanilla infusion and white woods.

Meanwhile, the pink petals of Daisy Eau So Fresh confirm that this scent is Daisy’s fruitier sister. (Jacobs has a thing for sisters and scents). Other perfumes have fallen victim to fruity gone too far. With Daisy Eau So Fresh, fruitier doesn’t imply immaturity or overwhelming flirtation. The bright scent is spirited by top notes of ruby-red grapefruit, raspberry and green leaves, by garden-fresh mid notes of violet, wild rose and jasmine petals and grounded by a base of musk, plum and cedarwood.

This festive floral collection is just right for the warm months ahead, but all good summers must come to an end and so too must a limited edition offering from Jacobs.

So pluck your Daisy and get on the go.

Daisy + Daisy Eau So Fresh Duo/ 20ML each, $59, are available locally at Macy’s and at daisymarcjacobs.com.

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