Retail therapy

As Westchester County got set for Phase Three of reopening last week, we decided we needed a little retail therapy at Bloomingdale’s in White Plains and Lord + Taylor, Talbot and the Barnes & Noble concept store at the Vernon Hills Shopping Center in Eastchester.

For those who haven’t ventured out yet, expect shorter hours and longer than usual lines and a whole new world order as the bigger stores are running with a skeleton crew, so someone from jewelry may be helping you with handbags. Patience is indeed a virtue.

What made retail retail – the experience of a store – is gone for now. There are no makeovers as the counter testers stand plastic-wrapped, no fashion shows, no charity events. Everything looks a lot sparer and cleaner, which isn’t a bad thing. (It was time for department stores, with their endless sales racks, to find their inner Marie Kondo.)

Still, it was good to snag that last pink, black and white bouclé jacket in L+T that didn’t fit back in March and now fit perfectly, to get that gift with purchase at the Lancome counter in Bloomie’s and to just walk around with a latte, browsing in B & N. We have to confess that we got a little teary as we approached B & N, our first store visit since mid-March.

But then we didn’t want to mess up our perfectly placed mask, so we turned instead to the socially distancing task at hand. Slow and steady – and safe – is what’s going to win this race.

Georgette Gouveia

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