‘Rise’-ing to the occasion

Castle & Key is on the ‘Rise’ with a new gin.

Just in time for the spring and summer party season,Castle & Key Distilleryhas released its third offering from the distillery since it was restored from its ruins in 2014 – Rise 2022 Seasonal Gin.   

“This year’s seasonal gin provides a refreshing blend of herbal, fruity and sweet tones,” says Castle & Key Quality Manager Jon Brown. “The spirit differentiates itself from last year’s release as the team macerated…rose petals in the base spirit for 72 or more hours before distilling it with the remaining seven botanicals (juniper, tarragon, lemon peel,  green peppercorn, almond, green cardamon and licorice.” 

With a bakery aroma and a sweet-savory taste, Rise is a crisp addition to any gin and tonic.  

Rise Seasonal Spring Gin retails for $36. For more, visit castleandkey.com.

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