‘Drop’-dead gorgeous

Earrings for your summer soirée from Loren Hope.

If you only buy one accessory this summer, make it the “Emily” drop earrings from Loren Hope. A mix of vintage and modern, these diamond-like drops are all you need to wear with a linen suit, your favorite summer outfit or that Little Black Dress. 

“They are handmade, hand-soldered, and done the old-fashioned way,” Loren says in a phone interview. “It’s a dying art form.” She adds that the Emily Four Drop earrings “are the epitome of my brand.” They cost $278 per pair. 

Interestingly, all Loren Hope jewelry is made in Rhode Island, which used to be a hub of jewelry-making.  “Electroplating was invented in Providence,” Loren adds.  The company commands a three-story building in Newport, housing a store, design studio and production area. 

Loren is also well-known for her one-of-a-kind, limited-edition butterfly brooches, which typically sell out immediately. “There’s a feeding frenzy when they are available,” she says with a laugh.  Indeed, many customers don’t wear the butterflies. They simply hang them on a wall in their homes as works of art. 

Also quite spectacular are Loren Hope’s one-of-a-kind, jeweled Christmas-tree toppers, which cost about $2,500 each and are made to order in small batches. 

Whatever you choose from Loren Hope, it’s going to be a stunning statement.  

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