Roll on and roll out

WAG gave the DefineMe Fragrance Oil Sample Kit a try and found the roller-ball fragrances quite delightful.

A neat, clean and perfectly portable way to use fragrance is roll on perfume oils. Dry skin has a hard time holding on to a scent, so when you use oils your skin not only gets moisturized but it retains the scent for a longer period of time.

DefineMe is made with fragrance oil, essential oil and fractionated coconut oil. WAG gave the sample set a try and found it quite delightful.

Each kit includes six scents – Audry, Clara, Delphine, Harper, Payton and Sofia Isabel. I love traveling with these in my purse as I am usually in a rush out the door and sometimes forget perfume. My personal favorite you ask? Payton. Maybe it’s because mimosa is one of the notes in the scent…

These playful roller-ball bottles are vegan, cruelty, gluten, phthalate and paraben free.

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– Olivia D’Amelio

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