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Luxurious skincare and makeup products from around the world provide gorgeous globetrotting, no matter the season – but without the jet lag.

These under-the-radar products are your visa to a vivacious visage. They’re the best way to pamper yourself and go first class — without the flight:

From France: Carita is one of the leading French beauty brands, known for refinement, sophistication and simplicity. Its Perfect Gems Serum — Trio of Gold features hyaluronic acid to hydrate and plump your skin, making it the ultimate anti-aging elixir. (My 70-year-old sister used it, immediately glowed, and looked 10 years younger.) $390 for 1.34 ounces. 

Couple this with Carita’s Overnight Mask ($210 for 1.7 ounces), made with mineral, botanical and biological gold, for a posh gilt trip. Mais oui. caritadirect.com.

From South Korea: The Sulwhasoo brand has spent more than 50 years researching the ginseng flower, culminating in an upgrade of its best-selling Concentrated Ginseng Renewing Cream to an “EX” formula. Sulwhasoo has extracted Compound K, a key ginseng essence that can renew and revitalize your skin. It features a lovely fragrance and adds a luscious glow. In any language, it’s a winner. ($240 for 60ml). us.sulwhasoo.com.

Made with Icelandic Sea Kelp: Hannes Dóttir’s Seamasque is made with honey and precious minerals as well as sea kelp to stimulate regeneration for a younger, softer, tighter complexion. Follow up with the Mineral Mist and Elixir of Minerals. It’s the best Icelandic export since skyr, the cultured dairy product. hannesdottir.com.

Inspired by Ireland: Celtic Complexion is a handmade, artisan skincare line. The crown in its cap is Celtic Jewel, formulated with vitamins, essential fatty acids, fermented sea kelp and Coenzyme Q10, a crucial molecule in cell restoration. Founded and handcrafted by aesthetician Jennifer Waller, Celtic Jewel feels like a moisturizer, delivers like a serum and performs like a professional peel — a lush, plush trifecta. ($295 for 2 ounces). CelticComplexion.com.

From Boston: What practically obviates the need for any beauty cream? An award-winning “Best of Boston” board-certified aesthetic surgeon who specializes in craniofacial surgery for facelifts that look completely natural — and youthful. The Boston Center’s Michael Yaremchuk, MD is renowned among not only the medical community, but among the international clients who fly in from all over the world for his “bespoke” cosmetic surgery that is highly personalized to create a “golden ratio” of facial symmetry. Yaremchuk Skypes his professional consults with non-local and international patients on a weekly basis and is professor of surgery at Harvard Medical School. His injectable facial rejuvenations are also highly sought-after. dryaremchuk.com.

From Florida: Michael Todd Skincare is a luxurious line of formulas combining the finest natural ingredients with the latest advances in skincare science—without the parabens or other potentially harmful additives. The new Ageless Non-Surgical Syringe uses organic aloe vera leaf juice as its base and also contains hyaluronic acid and hydrolyzed collagen to infuse seep-set wrinkles with plumping hydration. You won’t know you need it – until you try it. ($69 for 20 ml). michaeltoddbeauty.com.

From California: The other day my husband asked me if I was wearing false eyelashes. The answer was no – but I have been faithfully applying Revitalash Advanced to my lashes, and I can tell you that this product works, and without bimatoprost that can change the color of your eyes. Not only does Revitalash have a curling effect, it enhances the appearance of eyelashes for a more luxurious effect. It contains BioPeptin Complex, peptides and botanicals to saturate the lashes with moisture, keeping them soft, luxurious and healthy-looking. It was created by Dr. Michael Brinkenhoff for his wife to help her feel beautiful when she was fighting breast cancer. “Eye” say it’s great – especially when combined with Revitabrow Advanced containing Biotin. It’s time to get my brows shaped – something I haven’t done in 25 years. ($98 for 2 ml). revitalash.com.

For Jetsetters: Le Metier de Beauté (Neiman Marcus and Bergdorf Goodman) was founded by Richard Blanch, who worked with chemists to create a roster of products. Using a family of global pharmaceutical patents, the Peau Vierge Anti-Aging Complexe is a tinted moisturizer, foundation, skin cream, or whatever you want it to be, that has revolutionized the beauty industry. It’s one of the most gorgeous, gossamer facial products I’ve ever used and looks as if it were applied by the angels. ($125 for 1 ounce that comes in four shades). Even better is Le Metier de Beauté’s Instant Lifting and Firming Face Serum with a wealth of trademarked ingredients that support the architecture of the skin. ($350 for 1.7 ounce). It’s no wonder stylists and supermodels adore this cult beauty brand. lemetierdebeaute.com.

From Around The World: Here’s how to make the beauty trip without the trek to the airport. Pearlesque Box is a new breed of monthly beauty boxes offering full-size products from all-natural skincare brands around the world. Kits include Honey Girl Organics from Hawaii, Skin&Co Roma from Umbria, Italy; ModelCo Cosmetics from Australia, and Province Apothecary from Toronto. Founder Rochelle Truxal has found a new way to educate beauty fans about the latest and greatest organic products and skincare developments worldwide. ($39.95 per month). Pearlesquebox.com.

Beauty without borders — it just might be the secret to complexion perfection.

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