Saying bye-bye to (hair) breaking

Middletown-based Tee-Owels offers adorable hair towels that don’t strip the hair of its moisture.

Tee-Owels is transforming the hair care game with a simple concept that you may have already adopted for your beauty routine.

The Middletown-based company creates hair towels by substituting T-shirt fabric for towel material – allowing the hair to dry while maintaining its moisture. Cotton towels have a rougher texture designed for dryness. Although good for drying the body, they strip the hair of its moisture, which causes dryness – especially for curly and coarse hair, which are more prone to breakage.

It’s an issue that founder Elizabeth Girolamo has personally struggled with. Having seen her friends create makeshift hair towels out of T-shirts – and resorting to her own experimentations – she grew frustrated with the lack of hair care products geared toward coarse hair.

“I wanted to see more cool products made for coarser hair styles, “ she says. “For decades, I thought there were no options for my hair, no fun products that didn’t destroy and terribly break it (like hair color, etc.), no cool products that matched my personality.”

In 2017, the entrepreneurial aesthetician decided to create her own solution by launching her brand.

“I noticed women are willing to fight for fashion, but not black girls’ hair care,” she says. “And I needed to do something about it.”

The adorable Tee-Owels are available in two sizes, which include short- to shoulder-length and shoulder- to longer-length, and come in five colors – mint, lilac, black, pink and tan. All of the items are marked with the logo, which is a cartoon of an owl wearing its own hair towel.

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