Scenting a trend

Recently, we read a trend story about people who are turning their homes into post-pandemic palaces – and becoming social media stars in the bargain – by among other things spritzing their rooms with different perfumes. (We tried this but only got as far as the spritzing when we were overcome by coughing and sneezing and had to sit down.)

Still, we say why not let the guys in on the fun? Perhaps they’re not willing to spritz their rooms with cologne (though we think men’s fragrances may make better room fresheners). But guys may enjoy wearing the new Uomo from Guess. The masculine, amber fougere (warm woody and spicy) fragrance scents the self-assured Guess man with top notes of grapefruit, cardamom and lavender, middle notes of sage, saffron and geranium and base notes of dark woods, benzoin and amber.

“The man who wears the Guess brand is one that likes traditional, classical masculinity but expresses himself with a fresh, modern edge,” says perfumer Linda Chinery.  

Inspired by Italian architecture, the packaging exudes a mix of heritage and modernity, too, with a black marbleized carton encasing a transparent glass bottle featuring classic black accents and the Guess Uomo logo. The eau de toilette ranges from $41 to $68.

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