Scents and sensibility

Erica Werber’s new line of Literie candles conjure scented memories of New York City – hers and ours.

Erica Werber is a woman after our own heart. Eager to combat the notion that New York City is “over” – as if – by keeping it in our sensory memories until we can visit, the lifelong New Yorker has conjured some of its most evocative scents in her new Literie line of candles, which launched Monday, March 22.

The scented candles ($35 each) include 28th Street Flower Market (peony and rose), Afternoon in Central Park (grass and bergamot), Bodega Coffee (espresso and cream), Hot Roasted Nut Cart (burnt sugar), I Have a House in The Hamptons (Rosé and melon), Soft Serve From the Corner Truck (vanilla and sugar), The Christmas Tree Guy (evergreen and cloves) and The Fresh Pressed Juice Shop (citrus and lemongrass). In addition, there are plans to expand the brand to include Miami and Los Angeles scent collections.

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