Setting up a gift of time

Some 10 Christmases ago, I was assigned to do a story about last minute shoppers (mostly men) and the people they shop for (mostly their wives). I headed to Neiman Marcus Westchester where the mostly male clientele was dropping $5,000 on Mikimoto pearls without batting an eye – literally. I don’t think the men even looked at the stuff. It was merely a case of here’s the plastic, wrap it, we’re done.

Men, let me give you a hand this year:  With just two days left, why not head to Neiman’s for Lagos’ Smart Caviar Watch Bracelet, which is compatible with the Apple Watch Series 1 to 6 (not included) and is a top pick this season? You can opt for the 42mm Watch Bracelet (at $650) or, if you really want to splurge, get the 18-karat gold version ($24,000) or the 18-karat half-diamond iteration ($29,500). No need to thank me. The thought of the happiness on your wives’ faces is thanks enough.

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Georgette Gouveia

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