Looks like Tim Tebow, a WAG favorite, has gotten the shaft not once but twice, first from the Jets and now from Hayden Panetierre. Sort of.


On ABC’s guilty pleasure “Nashville,” Hayden plays bad girl country superstar Juliette Barnes (think Miley Cyrus crossed with Britney Spears), who weds and then beds virginal NFL quarterback Sean Butler (Tilky Jones), inspired by You Know Who.


In Wednesday’s return, Juliette – more damaged than dangerous – left him at the altar of her official wedding (they eloped earlier in the episode) and headed off in her wedding dress to her private jet and her arena tour with frenemy and equally unhappy country superstar Rayna Jaymes (Connie Britton).


The drama queen in me couldn’t get enough of this, especially the socko ending. The feminist in me loves the gender role reversal in the Juliette-Sean relationship. (He’s definitely the girl there.)


But the romantic in me wants Juliette to try to make it work with Tim, er, Sean – even though heartache is more conducive to country creativity.

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