Skincare resolutions for the new year

WAG favorite Vicki Morav has a new Manhattan spa, subject of a story in WAG’s revamped, 10th anniversary issue, now online. We thought you’d enjoy hearing Vicki’s “resolutions” for great skin in the new year:

  • Drink more water: “Drinking water is essential for detoxification, regulated lymph flow as well as movement in the liver, spleen, kidney and colon. Everything benefits from ingesting lots of fluids. Movement is life and we want to keep everything healthy and in action. Drink more water in 2021.” 
  • Apply a daily SPF: “SPF is important for protecting the skin from sun rays. In the new year, be sure to apply a SPF every morning for anti-aging benefits. A 25 to 30 SPF is recommended in the winter and in the summer it’s necessary to bump it up to 40 to 50 SPF if you’re exposed to the sun.”
  • Remove your makeup every night: “Although it’s tedious at times, removing makeup at night is a necessary step after a long day – no matter how cute your look was. The skin needs to be cleaned and nourished properly before applying your nighttime skincare products to allow absorption overnight. Going to bed with oxidized makeup from the day is harmful to your pores and complexion.” 
  • Exfoliate weekly: “Set a goal to exfoliate up to three times per week. Although every individual has a unique chemistry and composition, one must find a balance between exfoliating and replenishing the skin, which will help lighten dark spots, unclog pores and give the skin a more youthful look. Make 2021 the year of exfoliating.
  • Routine facials: “Last but not least, scheduling…facials is a critical step in any skincare routine. Monthly facials and treatments clean the skin, providing a clean base for absorption of daily ingredients. Self-care is everything in 2021.” 

For customized skincare regimens, contact Vicki Morav at or make an appointment at her new spa at 19 E. 71st St. 

– Georgette Gouveia

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