Spotting Bill

Stacey Pfeffer, editor of Inside Chappaqua magazine, writes us to say that one of the things she misses about the current lockdown is seeing fellow resident, former President Bill Clinton, about town:

“Bill Clinton was a regular fixture in town, taking tons of photos with everyone from Girl Scouts to high school athletes. I regularly had photos of him show up in my Facebook feed with people from all over town. I even have multiple pics of him with my kids at various stages of their childhood. Now sadly, there are no photos of him in my Facebook feed. He’s the ultimate non-social distancer. He thrives on connecting with people, no matter what age they are.”

Recently, Clinton and Secretary Hillary Clinton sent pizzas to hospital workers on the frontlines, Pfeffer writes, so that’s part of what he’s been up to.

We say if the highly sociable Bill can go the (social) distance, we can, too.



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