Spring scents with Alio

When Alio reached out to WAG to send us some samples of its products, I was thrilled with the opportunity. The company is family-owned, creating diffusers and sachets designed to keep you “happy and odor-free.”

We’ve all seen reed diffusers sitting in a bathroom or other space before. Bot only do they look pretty, but they help to distribute a pleasant scent and work especially well in small spaces. But with traditional reed diffusers, the wooden sticks dipped in a fragranced oil must be flipped around from time to time. Alio, however, makes oil-free reed diffusers – offering the same great fragrance without any oily residue.

Alio’s reeds are cellulose-based wood resin infused with custom blended scents (using a patented odor-neutralizing formula) that don’t need oil at all. The reeds come with an open-sided sleek vase to allow for even more fragrance distribution. The more reeds you use, the stronger the scent, and the reeds can still be flipped weekly to emanate more fragrance. Because there is no oil, any fragrance that remains on your hands can be removed simply with soap and water.

WAG received a diffuser set in the “Jasmine Rain” scent that leaves our office smelling like fresh-cut spring blooms.

Alio also sent us a set of freshener pouches in the “Clean Shave” scent. These cotton pouches are perfect for guys to throw in a gym bag or in a dresser drawer to infuse their clothes and other items with a masculine yet fresh and subtle scent.

For more, visit aliofresh.com.

– Meghan McSharry



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