Storybook Cosmetics joins Ulta

WAG wrote about Storybook Cosmetics – the cosmetics brand whose enchanting products are inspired by children’s fantasy books – back in December.

The brand had been promoting its products inspired by the Harry Potter series, which includes a Wizardry and Witchcraft Eye Shadow Palette Storybook ($55), the Quill & Ink set matte black eyeliner ($39)– and the What’s in a Name Rose Brushes ($55), because who wouldn’t want to apply their foundation using brushes that resemble long-stemmed roses?

Storybook Cosmetics is now preparing for an entirely new launch – into Ulta stores. The brand announced that Ulta Beauty Inc. is its first United States authorized retail partner. The official launch date is to be announced, but makeup (and movie) lovers will soon be able to browse the selection of products and leave the store with a same-day purchase.

In addition to the Harry Potter series, the brand is retailing cosmetics and makeup brushes inspired by “Mean Girls,” “Charlie and the Chocolate Factor” and “The Secret Garden.”

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 — Danielle Renda


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