The sweet scent of success

Here at WAG, we simply love a lovely scent.

And we also get a kick out of hearing fragrance-related news.

So it’s with our own congratulations that we share an update about the Dear Rose fragrance brand.

Created by legendary perfume maven Chantal Roos and her daughter, Alexandra Roos, the company has been recognized with a 2017 FiFi Award for its scent Mentha Religiosa. The Fifi is sponsored by The Fragrance Foundation and considered the most prominent honor in the industry. Mentha Religiosa was recognized as best fragrance for an independent niche brand by a jury of experts from The Fragrance Foundation France.

Billed as a “hypnotic chiaroscuro perfume,” Mentha Religiosa is available through Here’s what its publicity team had to say:

“Created by perfumer Fabrice Pellegrin, Mentha Religiosa makes its sparkling entrance with notes of peppermint, accompanied by the green, citrus notes of bergamot and petitgrain. Next comes the vibrant incense, enhanced by iris and heliotrope. Finally, the fragrance yields to the captivating power of woods, dominated by cedar and the sweetness of white musks.

“The Dear Rose collection celebrates the eternal love story between women and perfume. It is an ode to femininity inspired by fragrance, music, love and a woman’s journey through life…”

Sounds intoxicating.

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– Mary Shustack

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