Three easy pieces for Halloween

Cat Woman costume, styled by Fatime Muriqi.
Halloween is two days away and you don’t have a costume? Have no fear, WAG is here to save the day.

Have last-minute Halloween plans but no costume? Try out these three easy DIY costumes that make creative use of your closet. Another added perk is that you won’t run into anyone wearing the same exact costume as you.


Cat Woman costume, styled by Fatime Muriqi.

Cat Woman
We all know that Cat Woman is not only hot but powerful. Throw on a black T-shirt under a leather jacket to create an edgy variation.
Try out this jacket from H&M and these black pointed boots from Lulu’s. Black faux leather pants with small details will add a stylish flair, as in these leather pants from Pretty Little Thing. Paint a face Cat Women’s face mask to pull the entire outfit together. Check out this makeup tutorial by online makeup artist, Chrisspy.


Lumberjack costume, styled by Fatime Muriqi

This is the perfect opportunity to use a red and black lumberjack print, whether it be a flannel shirt or jacket. Pair it with dark blue denim like classic Levi’s, a tight-fitting beanie and rugged boots. To finish it off, wield a fake axe and don some suspenders. The devil, as they say, is in the costume details.
Try this flannel from Old Navy and these dark wash jeans from American Eagle. Try these suspenders from Amazon and these brown boots from Target with this plastic Axe is from Party City.

Sports costume, styled by Fatime Muriqi

Sports Costume
One of the easiest costumes to put together in a short amount of time. Just switch out the jersey for your favorite athlete and you’re ready to take on the night. Throw on some eye black face paint to complete the look.
Try these high socks from Target, these white sneakers from H&M and these denim shorts from Shopbop.


– Fatime Muriqi

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