Truly madly

For WAG’s November “Voices” issue, Wilton psychiatrist Mark Rubinstein weighs in on the auditory nature of hallucinations in schizophrenia. But in his new novel, “Love Gone Mad,” he writes more about what he calls “garden-variety madness,” as heart surgeon Adrian Douglas and nurse Megan Haggarty pay a heavy price for their love.

Who is stalking them? And can they – let alone their love – survive the fiendishly clever traps that have been set before them?

“Love Gone Mad” (Thunder Lake Press, $12.99, 344 pages) is the second in a series of novels that began with “Mad Dog House” and continues with “Mad Dog Justice.” The books draw on Rubinstein’s background as a forensic psychiatrist. He’s also had a private practice, taught psychiatry, written five nonfiction medical advice books, blogged for the Huffington Post and contributed to Psychology Today.

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