Turning back the clock with Christie Brinkley’s new skincare line

Christie Brinkley. Photograph Courtesy Christie Brinkley.

One look at Christie Brinkley and you know that this is a woman who takes excellent care of herself — including her skin.

So it’s fitting she should launch Christie Brinkley Authentic Skincare — an antiaging line that works to recapture skin’s youthful qualities and protect it from sun damage.  Her products are also designed to improve problem skin.

As Christie says on her packaging, “No matter what your age is, we all share now.  It’s about living in the moment and being in the moment.” On her website she continues: “In my line of work, I’ve always used the very best skincare products and had access to leading experts in the field, so I immediately brought together leading experts and scientists from around the world to help me develop an antiaging skincare line that really delivered on the promise that 60 is the new 40.

“For more than four years, I tried and rejected many formulations until my world-class experts handed me the beautiful Recapture 360 Day and Recapture 360 Night products. This is not just skincare. This is the first antiaging activation system that uses the science of epigenetics to turn on your skin’s own natural rejuvenation system, or Bio-Clock, to help you look years younger. We all know the value of copper for its restorative and reenergizing properties. (My) Authentic Skincare contains a proprietary Bio-Copper Complex, which is packed with top ingredients so that you get award-winning skin. It is really like a youth battery to reenergize your skin.

“Not only that, I was so proud when my Recapture 360 with SPF 30 day cream was awarded the Seal of Recommendation from the Skin Cancer Foundation.”

Christie’s new skincare line also includes Sytenol-A, a natural retinol; NeoDermyl, a skin firmer; Elixir IR, to fight skin damage; and K3-Vita C, a stable vitamin C that boosts collagen.

The extensive product line contains a dreamy, creamy gel cleanser, Complete Clarity Facial Cleansing Wash, that’s gentle for all skin types.  It has a goldmine of  gorgeous ingredients — including aloe leaf juice, fruit extracts, rose extract and citric acid — to leave your skin refreshed and deeply clean.

Other standouts in Christie’s skincare line include a Close-up Instant Wrinkle Reducer and a Bio-clock activation antiaging system. I also loved using the Recapture 360 Night antiaging treatment. It’s at the corner of nature and science, with peptides that work overnight to make your skin soft and refreshed.

“I’m not a chemist,” Christie adds, “but I knew what I wanted for my skin — something that worked with my body’s own repair cycle, minimizing the look of wrinkles, crepiness and dark spots while it protected my skin from more sun damage. And I wanted all of the products to work in tandem together as a true system so results were even better and faster. I really wanted to just flip that switch and turn back (the clock) on the healthy, radiant-looking skin I used to have when I was younger.”

But you’ll be surprised to know what Christie’s other beauty secret is. Indeed, she says it’s her No. 1 beauty tip — Gratitude. Isn’t that fabulous? We all have the ability to make the world a happier place, if we get up each day with an attitude of gratitude. Thanks, Christie.

For more, visit christiebrinkleyskincare.com. And for more on Debbi Kickham, visit gorgeousglobetrotter.com and marketingauthor.com.

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