Unbridled Love

Nestled in a quiet hollow, not far from the Appalachian Trail at the base of the Taconic Hills is the beautiful Inwood Stables. Located on bucolic Bumble Bee Farm in Hopewell Junction, Inwood Stables is a place of love and dreams. Created by Dawn Longworth and Tom Murphy, it is a peaceful oasis uncommon in our modern world. 

One step into this magic kingdom and the troubles of the world melt away. The only business at hand is the care of the horses in residence. The days at Inwood are slow and graceful. Time is measured from sunrise to sunset, and from morning hay to evening walks. The horses live at peace with nature and the passage of time, as happy horses have done forever. 

All kingdoms have a beautiful princess, and this one is no exception. Leanne Longworth is the princess of Inwood Stables. 

The excitement in the barn is palpable as the teenage beauty arrives each day to care for her horses Teah and Kaylee. It’s their favorite time of day when Leanne shows up — their power and strength humbled by the touch of her hand and at the sound of her sweet voice. Whether grazing around the paddock or quietly being groomed, they are her royal subjects. Those horses never lose sight of their beloved girl. Their mutual devotion is a joy to see, such a perfect love in our less-than-perfect world. Every horse, every girl and every living thing deserves to be loved like that. 

Shakespeare’s Richard III once pleaded, “My kingdom for a horse.” I imagine he’d have given the whole world for a love like Leanne’s.

For more visit inwoodstables.com.

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