‘Victoria’s’ secrets

“Victoria” – the addictive series about the young Queen Victoria – is back on PBS’ “Masterpiece,” beginning last Sunday with a crackling two-parter that portrayed a conflict every woman understands. The Queen (a splendid Jenna Colman) – who has just given birth to her first child, Princess Victoria, known affectionately as Vicky – is itching to get back to queen-ing and those magnificent red boxes that contain the daily state business. But she’s hampered by the conventions of the day and a family that thinks she should concentrate on the business of motherhood.

Even her adored and adoring Prince Consort, the capable Albert (Tom Hughes) is solicitous for her and the baby’s health – a little too solicitous for the feisty queen’s taste. As the British war in Afghanistan takes a turn for the worse – my, but some things never change – Victoria informs her narrow-relatives that what her country needs right now “is a queen, not a broodmare.” And yet, in this Sunday’s installment, Victoria finds herself pregnant with the future heir to the throne, Albert Edward.

Meanwhile, there is more romantic tension upstairs, downstairs at Buckingham Palace as old flames are extinguished and others are rekindled.

Let’s just say we’ve laid in a good supply of Lady Grey and English toffee. –

“Victoria” airs Sundays through Feb. 25 on PBS’ “Masterpiece.”

Georgette Gouveia

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