Vive Air France

You’re smart to travel on Air France, which offers one of the best business class service on the planet.

In the sky and on land, all I can say, with the words of the song, is “C’est Si Bon.”

That’s because Air France has recently introduced all kinds of initiatives to make sure that travelers have an experience that is “magnifique.” Here are just a few of the latest and greatest: 

New La Prairie beauty treatment center at JFK

Who wouldn’t love a complimentary facial before flying? Let’s face it — it’s best for women not to wear any makeup during a flight — and simply slather on the moisturizer (as if you are a supermodel). This past February, Air France inaugurated its new beauty treatment center in its Terminal 1 Lounge at John F. Kennedy International Airport in Queens, in exclusive partnership with luxury beauty and skincare specialist La Prairie. The new space is equipped with two private beauty booths with massage tables. Travelers can enjoy three types of facial treatments — Rejuvenation, Illumination and Indulgence — in sessions that go as long as 30 minutes. It is accessible only to La Premiere and business-class customers and Blue Platinum and Gold members.

Dining in style

At JFK, business-class customers can also enjoy night service offered in a brand new setting. The Night Service anticipates business customers’ need to enjoy a good night’s sleep on night fights between New York and Paris. Thus, they can enjoy — at no extra charge — the same gourmet French meal in the airport lounge as the one served onboard, with their meal served at a table. The delicious dinner features a starter, hot dish, cheese, dessert and a wine-and-Champagne list. Since the launch of the night service, close to half of travelers opt to dine in the lounge. The dining area is on the mezzanine of the lounge, offering new furniture and faux leather couches, inspired by a Parisian brasserie, complete with blue and gray tones. This lounge will also offer art exhibitions all year round. 

Starting last month, business-class customers can also enjoy three new signature dishes created by Daniel Rose, an American Michelin-star chef with a love for French cuisine. He is the chef and partner of Le Coucou in New York, and the chef and owner of two restaurants in Paris. The three dishes feature poultry gratin with onions; a warm poultry plate with foie gras; and cod with turnip and beurre blanc.

The last straw

It is the end of the road for plastic cutlery, cups, stirrers and more. Since June, Air France has decided to eliminate 1,300 tons of single-use plastic, and has plans to eliminate 201 million single-use plastic items by the end of 2019. Plastic cups will be replaced with those made of paper. Plastic cutlery items will be replaced with those made from bio-based materials and packaging. And wooden stirrers will be used instead of plastic stirring sticks. Since 2015, Air France has eliminated plastic drinking straws on board.

Your French cocoon of comfort

I flew in business class, and it was one of the highlights of my entire trip abroad. In business class, the seat’s soft foam is designed to offer impeccable quality of sleep. The bed’s enveloping and padded headboard conveys an impression of being in a warm, contemporary room, a signature feature of Air France seats. On the aisle side, the leather armrest lowers completely, offering additional space to find an ideal sleeping position. The soft duvet and XXL-sized feather down pillow have also been designed with the passenger’s optimum sleeping comfort in mind. In their seat, passengers enjoy their own bubble of privacy. This cocoon adapts to the shape of each individual, from seating position to a true bed. Let me tell you: It was truly a posh pampering to be in that business class seat.

This new Air France business seat was developed around the concept of three — and it’s the Triple Crown of comfort: Full Flat — the seat converts to a horizontal bed, 180 degrees, for crossing time zones without fatigue; Full Access — direct access to the aisle, regardless of the seat’s location in the cabin; and Full Privacy — a protected area through the seat’s enveloping curves, providing a true bubble of privacy in the sky. In the cabin, each row has only four seats, significantly increasing the space available for travelers. Work, play, eat or sleep, the seat adapts itself to each individual for the duration of the trip. As for storage space, nothing is left to chance. Spaces are provided for easy passenger access to shoes, bags or purses. Books, magazines or tablets slip into a pocket, accessible even when the seat is reclined. Smartphones, tablets and computers never run out of power, as an individual international format electrical outlet and USB port are available for recharging throughout the flight. Movies, games, music, TV shows and many other programs make the trip a true time for pleasure. The 1,000 hours of programming ultimately available on demand makes for a fully enriched entertainment system. Passengers also have a wide array of recent movies from around the world available, now in other languages. Each month, Air France also updates nearly 100 hours of programming. Lights, camera, action. 

Or inaction — if you just wish to fall asleep. Bonsoir.

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