Wag – a perfect love

Our “Horse Power” issue would not be complete without a visit to our very own mascot and namesake, Wag, who captured our imagination and hearts when he made his debut back in 2012 in our “Triple Crown” issue with Georgina Bloomberg on the cover.

As you might expect, the miniature pony with the big personality is still living the life of Riley at Field View Farm in Greenwich, thanks to his devoted owner and horse-whisperer, Adie Von Gontard Jr., who patrols his Round Hill estate in a golf cart with Wag by his side as he checks on the menagerie of animals that are his life.

While they abound on the 20 rolling acres, it’s Wag who remains best in show when a bus filled with Boys & Girls Club kids come to visit. He brings joy to everyone he meets, especially Adie, Greenwich Rotary Club’s 2012 Citizen of The Year, who honored WAG with, well, Wag when the foal was born just hours after our interview.

“He gives me life and inspiration,” says Adie about the 32-inch-tall gelding, who keeps the 89-year-old outdoors and invigorated. “The invisible command we have over (animals), to me, is unbelievable. They’re there for you to enjoy. They don’t ever talk back. You can caress them and it’s just a part of life to know that someone loves you so much without giving you any criticism.”

What could be more perfect than that?

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