Waist not, want not

Three products to help trim the waistline in the new year.

Fat: Don’t you just hate that word and all that it implies?

That’s why I tried Emsculpt Neo — a revolutionary new fat-burning, muscle-increasing treatment that kills your fat cells.  Now I work out every single day — many days doing 40 minutes of jumping rope — and I still have little pockets of fat that just won’t go away.  Especially around my abdomen.  I hate it.  So I decided to try some science to complement all of my efforts. 

There are some 15 physicians, medical spas and laser centers in Westchester and Fairfield counties that offer Emsculpt Neo. But since I live in the Boston area, I visited Vega Vitality, a Med Spa and Wellness Center on Boylston Street in Boston’s tony Back Bay section of town. In Boston, Vega Vitality owner Ashley Hilmes, a nurse practitioner, administered the treatment to my abdomen. I was to undergo a half-hour treatment, with the hope that I could tolerate the machine at 100%. “In 30 minutes, it’s the equivalent of doing 24,000 sit-ups,” Hilmes told me. She had me lie down and put a special belt around my midsection. Then she took the Emsculpt “iron” and put it on my stomach and switched on the machine. 

Emsculpt Neo simultaneously delivers heat and magnetic energy to your body, thanks to radiofrequency and a high-intensity electromagnetic field. This results in, on average, 25% more muscle and 30% less fat over about six treatments.  In less than four minutes, the temperature in fat cells reaches levels that cause their permanent damage, and then the muscle temperature rises by several degrees, similar to what a warm-up activity does before a workout.  Then you experience supramaximal contractions, as your muscles are contracted at intensities that are not achievable during routine exercise.  After a treatment, your fat cells are slowly removed from the body and strained muscle fibers initiate a growth process. The results?  Fat elimination and muscle building. A single 30-minute session of this treatment is equivalent to around 24,000 crunches as opposed to the 20,000 delivered by its predecessor, classic Emsculpt. 

There was no discomfort at all, although I could definitely feel every contraction in my abdomen. “It takes about three months to see total elimination of the fat cells,” Hilmes says. “This treatment achieves what you can’t achieve in the gym, and it also can work on your obliques and flanks.”  My resulting waist is definitely smaller, and my love handles turned into more of love “grips.”  I was delighted with the results.

Another benefit is tightened skin, she told me.  Emsculpt NEO is noninvasive, and it requires no recovery time or any pretreatment preparation.  In seven clinical trials, the process showed consistency in eliminating fat and/or building muscle. 

A couple of things you may want to remember in your quest for a new waist.  Temper Fasting Mints are a great product that contains citravarin — orange peels — and THCV cannabis that blocks the munchies so you don’t want to eat and take effect in about 30 minutes to an hour. I tried the Temper mints and they definitely helped me to deal with hunger and allowed me to fast comfortably.

“Temper helps people change their eating habits through fasting,” says Matt Mayberry, co-founder of Temper. “With Temper, you won’t want to eat and you have increased focus on your fasting….”

And here is another wonderful product in your quest for a slimmer shape. Joe and Megan Johnson are the founders of Vade Nutrition, and the inventors of the world’s first and only portable protein and pre-workout packs (patent pending). Vade Nutrition Dissolvable Packs were created to bring convenience and portability to everyone by providing a wide range of portable supplements in the health and wellness industry. Now it’s easy to have a protein shake on the go, thanks to a dissolvable vegetable-grade wrapper that you simply pop in water or milk. 

The couple originally thought of these dissolvable packs for protein powder when they realized that scooping protein powder in the car after a workout covered the seats and console of their car in powder. Taking protein powder on the go was impossible without prepping it ahead of time in a plastic baggie or bottle compartment.

After appearing on “Shark Tank” and landing a deal with Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban and former New York Yankees slugger Alex Rodriguez in 2018, Vade started growing exponentially. Due to the overwhelming success of the 100% Whey Isolate Protein, the Johnsons soon developed other nutritional products with the same dissolvable technology. Vade Nutrition now offers a wide range of products. The Johnsons’ goal is not only to help make people’s lives easier with their packs but to give back to their community by creating jobs and donating Vade’s products to feed the hungry. 

They are delicious, I can vouch for that.

For more, visit emsculptneo.com, bodybybtl.com/find-a-provider/, usetemper.com and vade-nutrition.com. And follow Debbi on Instagram @DebbiKickham.


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