Warmth, times two

Who doesn’t love a cup of cocoa on a cold day? And if it should to contain a wee drop to guard doubly against winter’s chill, well, we won’t complain. Meng Chiang, beverage director at the Bedford Post, has created a savory spiked hot chocolate to do just the trick. Inspired by a chocolate truffle, the decadent drink is a twist on traditional hot cocoa with Stolichnaya Vodka Salted Karamel and raspberry framboise.  A swirl of White Godiva Liqueur Whipped Cream and a sprinkling of chopped macadamia nuts on top are sure to satisfy any sweet tooth.

Co-owned by Richard Gere, the Bedford Post is an eight-room inn on 14 acres that also includes two restaurants and a yoga studio. Sounds like the perfect place to spin a winter’s tale.

1 cup of hot chocolate, preferably dark chocolate or salted dulce de leche

1/2 oz Stolichnaya Vodka Salted Karamel

1.0 oz Clear Creek Distillery Raspberry Framboise

Top with White Godiva Liqueur Whipped Cream, chopped macadamia nuts optional

For more on chocolate – Can there ever be enough? – check out Mary Shustack’s profile of new Godiva prez Jeri Finard in WAG’s February “Voluptuaries” issue.

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