Washington, squared

WAG was on the scene of Kerry Washington’s new movie “Peeples” (opening May 10) for our inaugural issue of WAG. That was back in February 2011 when we reported that “We the Peeples” was being filmed at the stunning waterfront home of glamorous Greenwich interior designer Nancy Ozizmir.

Well, two years and three months later, “Peeples,” as it’s now called, is finally here. Could that be because Washington – the first African-American woman to headline a TV series since Teresa Graves in “Get Christy Love” – is red-hot, thanks to ABC’s guilty pleasure “Scandal”?

Washington also co-starred with Jamie Foxx, Leonardo DiCaprio and Oscar winner Christoph Walz in “Django.” But her current fame rests with “Scandal,” a story of damaged Washington insiders doing damaging things. As the fixer and sometime mistress of a president who is part Clinton, part W. (Tony Goldwyn at his most morally ambivalent), Washington – the actress and the city – sizzle.

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