What daily skincare advice you would give a patient?

First and foremost, the sun is the skin’s most constant enemy. Long-term exposure to the sun not only causes several types of skin cancer but skin discoloration and wrinkles. Therefore, the first tool for every patient should be sunscreen. Then add winters in the Northeast, where the humidity is on par with a desert and moisturizer is of utmost importance. These are the two most effective anti-aging products one can and should use. Using these every day can make a noticeable difference that the patient sees and feels.

“In addition, due to sun damage, we also recommend to many patients antioxidants and retinol creams for enhanced benefits to skin, such as the improvement of fine wrinkles and uneven coloration of the skin. We carry our own specialized product line, Arieed MD, which is a medical-grade line that we compound for each patient. We also carry a wide range of product lines to help our patients in their goal of looking their best, including SkinMedica.”

Read more on the spa in WAG’s November “Passion for Work” issue. – Georgette Gouveia

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