Why wait until Valentine’s Day?

Everyone knows Valentine’s Day and chocolate go together.

And everyone also knows that Valentine’s Day and Godiva chocolates go together even better.

Last year, I had the pleasure of interviewing Jeri Finard. In August of 2012, the Larchmont resident had become the president of Godiva North America, and we caught up with her for a profile that ran in the February 2013 issue of WAG. Finard not only shared how she was settling into the new job but also touched on the romance and history of the venerable firm.

She also shared, when we met up with her at the Godiva Chocolatier Inc. headquarters in Manhattan, that yes, Valentine’s Day is the company’s biggest holiday.

But that doesn’t mean Godiva rests on its laurels the rest of the year.

Need proof? Look no further than its latest introduction, the Godiva Lunar New Year truffles, created in honor of the Jan. 31 celebration.

This is the Year of the Horse, with Godiva promotional material telling us those born in such a year are “always the life of the party.”

And that’s what the company considers these new truffles to be, with the limited-edition assortment including white chocolate pineapple macadamia, milk chocolate cherry almond and dark chocolate caramel pear.

The truffles are featured in 20-piece ($50) and 32-piece ($120) boxes. For a limited time, customers will receive a package of eight keepsake Godiva lucky red envelopes with the purchase of a limited edition Lunar New Year gift box.

And of course, these will only serve to further whet the appetite for those Valentine’s Day Godiva treats.

For more details, or to purchase, visit Godiva boutiques or godiva.com.


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