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When we see someone who maintains a consistent look, what we see is her signature style. With celebrities and icons, it is their brand.

When I worked behind the scenes at the couture fashion shows, it was easy to recognize Anna Wintour by her signature bob. At the Kenneth Salon, I couldn’t help but notice Jackie Onassis as she would gracefully ascend the long staircase in her signature scarf, sunglasses and jeans. Then there are signature styles that drive trends, like Jennifer Aniston’s long smooth layers.

As spring moves into summer, a new season is the natural time to put a new spin on your style. You want it to be complementary.  This is when you need the help of a pro, who will consider your face shape, hair type, personality and lifestyle.

A great first step would be to nourish your hair.  In the May issue, I mentioned Olaplex.  I believe it is the most revolutionary treatment in the hair industry. Hair that is color-processed and affected by chlorine and heat can become dry and lifeless. Olaplex rebuilds the broken bonds so your hair is restored to a youthful softness and manageability. Clients are pleased that it can be used at home and, at 3.3 oz., the #3 Hair Perfector is perfectly sized for travel.

If you’re thinking of a color change, here’s a trick I use when choosing a tone that will enhance and not drain your complexion. Start by looking at the palm of your hand.  If your palm is pink, it falls under the cool category. Peach tones are neutral, while olive tones are warm. Then look at the ring of color that surrounds your eye’s iris to determine your natural pigment. Finally, consider your flesh tone.  Two out of these three tones will be the same — and the tone that would flatter you most.

Just-off-the-beach highlights are always a signature summer look.  The Balayage method, in which each strand is painted individually, adds a beautiful accent to your color.

For daily maintenance, Shu Uemura’s shampoos and conditioners are the choice of so many of my clients for their luxurious feel and smooth finish.  They, too, come in travel sizes. And when you shampoo, leave the shampoo in for at least one minute.  This will allow any buildup to attach to the lather and not your hair.  Then rinse thoroughly.

Speaking of travel, I think it’s a great time to try something new.  Hotels often have fine products in sample sizes.  Sometimes all it takes is a little change in fragrance to awaken the senses.

It’s wonderful to see how a woman seems to come alive when her style is fresh.  There is a look of lightness and surprise that spreads throughout the room.

In addition to enjoying the way others react to their new styles, my clients often say a fresh cut makes them feel like they’ve lost 10 pounds in an afternoon. Hair that moves as you do, looks great and is easy to maintain is a great confidence-booster.

When style strikes the right balance among proportion, shape and color, there is harmony.  And everyone can’t help but notice and enjoy it.

Your hair is an important accessory. The good news is that it keeps growing, so have fun with it.  And, as I like to say, remember to treat your hair with love and it will never leave you.

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