A French skincare company revisits antiaging

Caudalie reinvents its Premier Cru Collection.

Caudalie, the French skincare company, has reinvented its Premier Cru Collection of antiaging products, which launches Monday, Jan. 17, on the company’s website and at Sephora.   

Mathilde Thomas founded the company in 1993 with husband Bertrand after an encounter with a pharmacological professor during a grape harvest at her parents’ chateau in Bordeaux convinced them of the antioxidant power of grape seeds. That led to their first three products with grape-seed polyphenols.  

Now Mathilde has created the New Premier Cru Collection in collaboration with David Sinclair, M.D., of Harvard Medical School.  Containing the patented TET8, the collection is designed to combat the eight signs of aging skin – reducing deep wrinkles, fine lines and dark spots while enhancing radiance and elasticity, firming and plumping skin and boosting hydration. 

The company’s light, luscious and lightly scented products are also sustainable (100% recyclable and refillable jars), with the new line featuring its first refillable capsule. (As a member of 1% for the Planet, Caudalie dedicates 1% of its global sales to funding reforestation projects.  Since 2012, it has planted and protected more than four million trees worldwide.) 

For more, visit us.caudalie.com 

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