Nighttime – the right time for skin care

Saying ‘good evening’ to skincare.

Time was when you removed your makeup at night, washed your face and that was it. No more. To removal, cleansing, toning and night cream now comes the night serum and eye cream (which presumably precede the night facial cream). The idea is that while you’re off in dream land, the molecules in these lotions and potions come out to work their magic. 

Does it sound a bit much? Is it all just a racket to get us to buy more products? Perhaps. But after using Estée Lauder’s Advanced Night Repair serum for a few weeks, we’ve noticed that we have an added glow in the morning. (The company’s aptly named Nighttime Necessities set also includes its best-selling Revitalizing Supreme cream and its Advanced Night Repair Eye Supercharge Complex.) 

So when we learned that L’Oréal Age Perfect Cell Renewal – which we have found to be an effective moisturizer for skin of a certain vintage – had a new Midnight Serum and Antiaging Night Moisturizer, well, we were excited and look forward to trying them. 

What can we say but that our nighttime rituals just got a bit busier. 

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