A tour of Italy through beauty

We Zoomed into the latest from some of the top beauty producers in Italy.

What’s the next best thing to a vacation in Italy? Probably our July 23 Zoom meeting with some of that country’s top beauty producers. “Beauty Made in Italy” is not a slogan. It’s a campaign by the Italian government to advance its beauty products in the United States. Some of these are well-known to consumers or WAG readers. Marvis toothpaste, created in Italy in the 1950s to counter the effects of smoking, is a minty marvel. We love the travel-size Seven Days of Flavor Set in Amarelli Licorice, Aqua, Cinnamon, Classic Strong, Ginger, Jasmine and Whitening. $36, bigelowchemists.com. Perlier’s shea buttered body, hand and foot creams are ideal for health-care workers or anyone on their feet who’s constantly using or washing his hands. Slather on the luxurious new Perlier Shea Butter & Pear Hydration Body Mousse. $45 perlier.com. Family-owned Ripar Cosmetics’ Makeup Remover, among the products from two generations of plastic surgeons, moisturizes as it dissolves cosmetics. $35, macys.com. Skin & Co Roma’s earthy, truffle-based serums, from a family farm in Umbria, are joined by its Truffle Therapy Shimmering Body Oil. $65, Skinandcoroma.com.

Many of the products were new to us. Carthusia Hand Cream comes from a perfumer founded by monks on the isle of Capri in 1948. The brand’s fragrances are based on a formula that dates from the Middle Ages. The hand cream promises a rich rapture for the digits. $20, bigelowchemists.com. Herbatint, founded in 1970 by Michele Albergo, offers a natural alternative for permanent, at-home hair color. When you’re finished washing and conditioning your hair with its Normalizing Shampoo and Royal Cream Conditioner ($15.99 each at http://herbatintusa.com/, you can dry it with Gama Professional’s IQ Perfetto, billed as the lightest hair dryer in the world, whose intelligent brushless motor allows tresses to dry 30% faster. $399, amazon.com.

Pietro Simone’s 20 years of experience in the business has let to his Prestige Age-Preserve, a lightweight face oil designed to boost collagen synthesis. $345, pietrosimone.com. From the relative youth of Simone’s company, we turn to one of Italy’s oldest soap manufacturers, Brebbia’s Saponificio Varesino, whose Almond Shells Shower Gel Scrub is designed to cleanse, smooth and tone. $26, saponificiovaresino.us.

As with the shower gel, many of these products are gender-neutral. Proraso’s Refreshing and Toning Shave Cream is made for a man’s beard. $10, bigelowchemists.com. But when it comes to Italian luxury, who’s to stop us, ladies, from applying it to our gams?

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