Shedding those (canine) pounds

You’ve heard it before:  Covid-19 is leading to the Covid 19 – pounds, that is. With everyone home cooking (and presumably eating) – not to mention a little drinking perhaps? – people are packing on the pounds.

And so are their pooches, who are getting extra loving and extra treats. What to do? Pet owners can sign up their Rubenesque Rovers for Brewster-based Guardian Veterinary Specialists’ “Pets Get Fit” program. It works much like a people’s gym, with 30 minutes of floor exercises, pool therapy and even a treadmill. The program is led by the Specialists’ director of rehabilitation, Linda McMahon, who is a licensed physical therapist, a licensed veterinary technician, and a certified canine rehabilitation therapist with more than 20 years of experience.

Sounds as if she’ll have Fido fit in no time.

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– Georgette Gouveia


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