All aboard novelist’s new work

New book takes the 6 train into the past.

We first met Patricia Dunn when she was senior director of The Writing Institute at Sarah Lawrence College in Yonkers, where she earned a master of fine arts degree in creative writing and was particularly supportive of writers. So, right back at you, Pat.

The author of the YA novel “Rebels by Accident” travels to the world of adult fiction with “Last Stop on the 6” (Nov. 9, Bordighera Press, $20), about Angela, a political activist in California who returns to her Italian-American family in the Bronx for her brother’s wedding only to encounter old family secrets. (Naturally.)

What is the truth about her brother’s accident, impending marriage and subsequent disappearance, her alcoholic father’s fall off the wagon and her former boyfriend’s recovery from heroin addiction? And, most of all, can she really go home again?

As Angela navigates love, guilt – and tomato sauce — she learns the price of living in the past, allowing her parents to squeeze her back into her childhood bedroom and the cost of redemption. If you liked “A Bronx Tale,” you may want to get on board this express train back to those feelings we thought we left behind and the heartfelt promise of something better when we face them at last.

Like her main character, Dunn is an Italian rebel raised in the Bronx. She is the co-founder of The Joe Papaleo Writers Workshop in Cetera, Italy.

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