An end to the frizzies

Get “Gussied” up. Your hair will thank you.

Let’s face it – summer is coming, and with it, the dog days when it’s hazy, hot and humid.

I don’t know about you, but my hair definitely has a mind of its own in that kind of weather.  I always say that I don’t blow-dry my hair.  Instead, I beat it into submission.  But when July and August roll around, even if I blow-dry, the frizz keeps coming up.

So I tried Gussi, a brand new company – just launched in February – that offers a do-it-yourself keratin kit to straighten your hair.  For only $65 – instead of $500 for a Brazilian blowout at the salon – you can achieve rock-star tresses.  I certainly did.

First, the products are safe on colored and highlighted hair.  You simply wash your hair twice with a clarifying shampoo and then do not condition.  Then apply about 15 squirts of keratin to your hair. You should divide your hair into four sections.  Leave on the keratin for 20 minutes, and then give it a very light rinse.  Then you blow-dry, followed by a session with your flatiron.  I even used a very light spritz of detangler.  My results?  Thick, gorgeous, fluffy, silken hair worthy of a cover girl.  Hey, Jennifer Aniston, watch out.

“It’s a beauty game-changer,” said Danielle Waldron, CMO of Gussi, who granted me an exclusive interview for WAG.  “It has no formaldehyde or aldehyde derivatives and no noxious chemicals.”  The keratin is derived from sheep’s wool, and “no sheep are harmed,” Waldron told me.  “We are PETA-certified and not tested on animals.”

When all is said and done, “Your hair just behaves,” she added.

It’s also a great holdover if your salon is booked and you have to wait a few weeks for your next blowout.

So get “Gussied” up. Your hair will thank you. I feel like Wonder Woman armed with an amazing frizz-fighter.

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